Have you ever felt so smitten by someone that you can’t , despite your best efforts, cannot stop thinking about that person? Even when you know that there nothing in your power that can make the other person to be more responsive if not reciprocate? This kind of craziness can really drive us crazy and I am learning this from a grueling first hand experience. I mean weaving such dreams is not far from lunacy but there is a certain sweetness in the pain. Am I turning into a sadist?

Why does my heart refuse to listen to my brain? There is a disconnect between my soul and my thoughts and it is a very strange feeling. It is almost suicidal , trying to bear the pain when one knows that it will all lead to nothing but heart break. Why do I put my feelings at stake just to soak in one sweet moment. Why do I bear the pain of waiting for hours and days just for momentary, fleeting and even shallow sweetness? Why do I persist and hope despite all odds?

Maybe because her charm is almost ethereal. Maybe because her simplicity is so elegant. Maybe because her innocence is so pure. Maybe because her honesty is divine. Maybe because I am a fool. Maybe it’s love…Just maybe…


  • Esha  says:

    “Trying to bear the pain when one knows that it will all lead to nothing but heart break” ..
    Worst feeling ever…

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