My Years In Sem

Class 1: The journey starts. Mrs. Medley , caning, duster makeup, monkey park, picnic to guvvies is what i remember from class 1. I remember my first swimming classes…running and jumping into the pool where mr palmer and mr gomes would be waiting. Lunch breaks used to spent playing footta or “hand cricket” on the basket ball court. Mrs Medley had quite a personality and i dont think there was a soul in Sem who didnt fear her.

Class 2: Mrs. D’Raunjo. Mostly uneventful except for the unusually high number of students from other classes who would come to borrow chalk or the captains who would jostle with each other to be able to come and make announcements. Didnt know then that she had a simpler name “Dingi”. Remember her as a nice lady and teacher...
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So Close Yet So Far…And…So Far Yet So Close

Have you ever been in a relationship where everything is nice and warm and still something is missing? It could be friendship from which love is missing or it could be love from which commitment is missing. You think that you are quite there and still that one thing that would have made it perfect eludes you. It can be a very frustrating experience. You don’t want to lose what you have with the person but you can’t stop yourself from wishing for more. It can lead to a lot of anxiety and is truly a test of patience.
Its like building a castle of sand. The higher you go, the greater the risk of the entire structure collapsing. Most of the time that risk is not worth taking. Which one of the following is tougher?
Risking a beautiful friendship in hope for something greater but no so proba...
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Have you ever felt so smitten by someone that you can’t , despite your best efforts, cannot stop thinking about that person? Even when you know that there nothing in your power that can make the other person to be more responsive if not reciprocate? This kind of craziness can really drive us crazy and I am learning this from a grueling first hand experience. I mean weaving such dreams is not far from lunacy but there is a certain sweetness in the pain. Am I turning into a sadist?

Why does my heart refuse to listen to my brain? There is a disconnect between my soul and my thoughts and it is a very strange feeling. It is almost suicidal , trying to bear the pain when one knows that it will all lead to nothing but heart break...

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There is a lot of focus in these trying economic climate on the performance of an individual. People all over but particularly in the IT sector are being handed pink slips on the basis of poor performance. A lot has also been said about the below par skills of our IT workforce. But what has not been touched upon is the lack of a motivation for an individual to perform well.

Managers try to lord over all the resources under them. There is no importance accorded to an individual on the basis of the skills he/she posseses. Business criticality is the sole criterion that determines value. To me this approach appears to be extremely opportunistic...

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Success: Changing Interpretations

The average city dweller in these times suffers from what I refer to as the monotony syndrome. Despite all the modern wonders the struggle for existence and the urge to stay ahead of the pack leaves little, if any, room for people to relax and explore what the world has to offer. We do roughly the same things everyday and what aggravates the situation further is that we end up doing the same recreational activities every single time we feel the urge to relax and pause a bit. We spend most of our weekends visiting malls, watching movies or going on short drives which we fondly refer to as “long drives” chiefly to satisfy our own egos.

In our bid to remain competitive(read relevant) we have twisted and even corrupted the meaning of simple words such as “success” and “winning”...

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Of Forgiveness, Priyanka Gandhi and Confusion

Recently Priyanka Gandhi appeared in a television interview with Barkha Dutt on NDTV. Upon being asked if she really held no grudges against Nalini for killing her father, Priyanka gave an answer that set me thinking. The straight forwardness of the reply struck me.

Priyanka said that she had been “furious” with the world for a year after Rajiv’s assassination. However now she has forgiven Nalini. She said that the realization that Nalini herself was a victim of circustances had brought about this change in her. As she realized that Nalini too was a victim and that she herself had suffered a lot, Priyanka’s own victimhood had disappeared. She said in a way both of them were victims. The absence of the feeling of victimhood had allowed her to be non judgemental...

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The next morning we woke up early to go to Auli, a very well known skiing destination. As we stepped outside our guesthouse we were greeted by the morning sun shining on the snow clad peaks giving them a golden hue. It was almost as if the mountains were wearing golden crowns.
Rajesh was there waiting for us with the cab and on time as always. Auli is a steep 17 km uphill climb from Joshimath that takes one from an elevation of 6500 feet above sea level to an elevation of 10200 feet above sea level. The road was narrow, steep and winding with sharp curves and bends. The drive takes one through the establishment of the Indian Army’s Ibex Brigade who are specialists in high altitude warfare. Men from this brigade did wonders in the Kargil war...
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A trip to the Uttarakhand Himalayas had been in the offing for a long time. It was realized during the long Easter weekend(10th April to 13th April). The destination agreed upon was Auli, a well known skiing resort in the Garhwal Himalayas. The itinerary, the route and the mode of transport were agreed upon and arranged for before our departure from Noida. We left Delhi on the 10th of April by the Hazrat Nizamuddin –Dehradun AC Special at 11:55 pm. The train was on time and we alighted from the train at Haridwar at 4 am on the 11th. Our cab, a Tavera, and our driver, Rajesh, were waiting for us at the railway station. We bought some packets of potato chips and had a few slices of bread butter before we started on our 300 km journey to Joshimath.
Rajesh is an exprienced and seasoned vete...
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