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My Years In Sem

Class 1: The journey starts. Mrs. Medley , caning, duster makeup, monkey park, picnic to guvvies is what i remember from class 1. I remember my first swimming classes…running and jumping into the pool where mr palmer and mr gomes would be waiting. Lunch breaks used to spent playing footta or “hand cricket” on the basket ball court. Mrs Medley had quite a personality and i dont think there was a soul in Sem who didnt fear her.

Class 2: Mrs. D’Raunjo. Mostly uneventful except for the unusually high number of students from other classes who would come to borrow chalk or the captains who would jostle with each other to be able to come and make announcements. Didnt know then that she had a simpler name “Dingi”. Remember her as a nice lady and teacher...
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So Close Yet So Far…And…So Far Yet So Close

Have you ever been in a relationship where everything is nice and warm and still something is missing? It could be friendship from which love is missing or it could be love from which commitment is missing. You think that you are quite there and still that one thing that would have made it perfect eludes you. It can be a very frustrating experience. You don’t want to lose what you have with the person but you can’t stop yourself from wishing for more. It can lead to a lot of anxiety and is truly a test of patience.
Its like building a castle of sand. The higher you go, the greater the risk of the entire structure collapsing. Most of the time that risk is not worth taking. Which one of the following is tougher?
Risking a beautiful friendship in hope for something greater but no so proba...
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