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Trip To Corbett National Park

Ever since I had read Jim Corbett’s Man Eaters of Kumaoun as a 12 year old, I have been fascinated by tigers and the Indian jungle. His vivid description of the jungle , and its sights and sounds have left in me an enduring yearning to go back to the jungle at the first opportunity. Corbett National Park is the one place that brings to life the visual imagery woven by Corbett in the masterful narration of his experiences.

An opportunity presented itself when my team in office decided to take a one day trip to Corbett to bid farewell to one of the most respected team members. Needless to say, I grabbed the opportunity with glee. And what an experience it was! I did not get to see a tiger. Yet, I have come back with my soul nourished and a song in my heart...

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(Re)Visiting My Childhood Years

I visited Naini Tal earlier this month to participate in the 125th Anniversary celebrations of my Alma Mater – St. Jospeh’s College. And what a trip it was! It was like being transported back to my childhood amid the smiling faces of teachers and friends, and the picturesque Himalayas. I was there for 4 days and spent most of the time in school trying to relive the good old days. However, I still managed to stroll along the Mall, savour Sonam’s momos, relish Neeru’s Bun Tikkis and trek to Tiffin Top. It was a trip that seemed to end too soon but I have come back with invigorated memories of my childhood and the careless banter with friends. Shared below are some pictures I took while I was there. Sit back and enjoy (and reminisce if you are a Semite 🙂 ).

Naini Tal on our day of arrival (2nd october, 2013)

Naini Tal on our day of arrival ...

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