Home…Sweet Home

This is is the first time this year when I have been able to spend a decent week at home with my parents and it has made me realize how easy it is to forget the small joys that being at home can provide.

The morning walks in the tea gardens adjacent to my home or the joy in biting into a juicy apple on a bright sunny morning soaking in the autumn sunlight with the birds chirping above has no parallel. It has recently hit me I have never heard a bird chirp in Noida. The skies here are bluer, the leaves greener and the traffic more sedate.

Back in Noida, eating is just a chore but at home its an event that I eagerly await. Mom makes all my favourite dishes and serves them with so much love. The evenings are spent playing card games and taking strolls on the roof.

Back in Noida, I have to try so hard to feel relaxed and comfortable. This week reminded me of the some what cruel compromises that life imposes upon us. It will be hard to settle into that chaos of a life that awaits me in Noida on Monday. Till then its time to enjoy while I can Smile.

Also did I mention, I had a great Diwali at home. Hope you had a great time as well Smile

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