Musings From A Campus Recruitment Trip

A few days back I was approached by my superiors at work inquiring about my availability for a short trip to National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra. I was supposed to be part of a campus recruitment panel. I thought about it for sometime and then confirmed my availability. I must admit, I wasn’t very excited to go. I routinely take interviews for open positions here. Though, they are important, I do not find them terribly exciting.

The trip,however, turned out to be quite the opposite. The drive to Kurukshetra is a short one. But on the way lies Murthal – the mecca of Tandoori paranthas and a most visit for any food lover. The interviews turned out to be quite interesting as well. The excitement and anticipation among the students appearing in the interviews was hard to ignore. It reminded me of more “youthful” days when the spirit was not burdened with the baggage of deadlines and routine. It was a time full of idealism with aspirations soaring high. It was wonderful to be reminded of those times in such a subtle and non obvious way.

NIT Kurukshetra has a sprawling campus that is beautifully landscaped. The atmosphere reverberates with the energy of the students. I felt “younger” in those environs. Reminded me of all the dreams I had when I was at that stage of life. The students were at a threshold stage in their lives. The decisions that they make now will define their lives for a long time from now. And they seemed to know it. I could sense the mixture of nervousness and aspirations churning inside them. It was like a walk down the memory lane. It also made me introspect on the path I have taken. Maybe, it will lead to some changes. Fingers crossed.

Ok, enough of the musings. Sample the pictures below.

A happy interview panel after polishing off a sumptuous meal at Haveli, Murthal

Pure joy! – Tandoori parantha

No one could have just one!

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