In Pursuit Of The Tiger

Like last October, colleagues at work were itching to go on a short trip to unwind after a year full of releases and customer go-lives. After carefully evaluating several options, we settled for Corbett National Park yet again.

Those who know me would know that I was delighted at this decision. I have been to Corbett several times but I never get enough of the place. The place has a charm that is unique among Indian jungles. What added to the excitement was that besides doing the ritual Dhikala safari, we also went for the new Dhela zone opened for tourism from 1st December this year. Needless to say, the new zone is beautiful with its slightly undulating safari trails and mesmerizing grasslands.

Without much further ado, let’s go straight for the pictures. As they say the proof of the pudding is in the taste.


Catching the day break at the Dhanigarhi gate for the Dhikala canter safari

Crossing a dry river bed enroute Dhikala

Reservoir created by the Kalagarh dam on the Ramganga from Dhikala

Another view of the Ramganga from Dhikala

The reservoir is just beautiful 

From the lawns of the old FRH at Dhikala

Beautiful safari trail in the newly opened Dhela zone

Sunlight filtering through the canopy

Termite mound! Sign of a thriving ecosystem

Someone was here!

The grassland of Dhela beckons

The trail cuts through the grassland

Grassland in the Dhela zone

That was one rough and dusty ride!

Dry and lush – in the same frame!

Where grasslands meet the lush jungles

For those still curious, we didn’t see the tiger. But the beauty and fresh air more than made up for that loss.

PS: All pictures in this post were captured using my Nokia Lumia 1520. Has a wonderful camera. Doesn’t it?

4 comments to In Pursuit Of The Tiger

  • Gitanjali Banerjee  says:

    I so want to go to Corbett but somehow it never seems to happen irrespective of tge the fact that I stayed in Lucknow for most part of my life.

    • Abhigya  says:

      Geetanjali, thanks for dropping by. Do visit Corbett whenever possible. It’s probably the most beautiful jungle in India. Go there for the experience. And who knows the the tiger may decide to oblige 🙂

  • Esha  says:

    Yes really nice clicks as always… no doubt abt ur writing n clicks 🙂 bt1 nice blog.. so njoyd????

    • Abhigya  says:

      Thanks Esha. Yes it was a lot of fun.

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