There is this one very dear friend of mine who is gonnna be out of town for six months due to some professional commitments. She and I decided to meet once before she leaves so that she could take my good wishes in flesh and blood :D. She was really insisting that I meet so I took some valuable time out of my otherwise extremely busy weekend schedule. I did not want her to leave with any regrets and miss me too much…I really care for my friends and she is no exception. Before she says “gasconade” I should get back to business.

So it was decided that we would meet at 1:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon, at the Great India Place. Being the punctual guy I am [all my friends can testify this fact especially Kinshuk :P], I was at the venue on time and I was just pretending to look around and not look lost while I waited for her. Suddenly my phone lit up and a message arrived from the lady asking “Are you there?”. I was beginning to feel sorry for her as I felt that she had probably arrived a little earlier. I know all you guys are laughing thinking “Dude girls are never on time!”. But let me tell you this is a different kind of girl we are talking about here and she had a train to catch in the evening, so she would normally be on time. [To the lady in question : I mean different in all good ways :)].

However, my phone beeped again and she very graciously informed me she would be a little late. So I loitered around for a little more while. The aroma of cookies was already making a little hungry. So I walked away from there and entered a bookstore. Yes guys! I entered a book store and looked around a while. A few minutes and sms updates letter I received a message “Meet me at the baggage checking counter”. So I took position. I tried to identify her in a crowd of females jostling to have their handbags checked. Minutes went by and she wasn’t there! Suddenly I heard a soft “Hi” from behind and turned around to find her beaming at me. A few sincere though totally unnecessary apologies later we started walking towards Big Bazar where she would buy some cosmetics,etc for her Jodhpur jaunt.

It took us about 15 minutes to locate the correct section in the store and a little longer to decide the correct brand of facewash [There is still some confusion on the last one]. But soon we were done with the shopping and I was getting hungry. Background information: I hadn’t eaten anything since the morning. And neither had she. So I suggested that we grab a pizza at Pizza Hut.

At pizza hut we quickly ordered a pizza and some iced tea. Both orders were of my choice as ma’am had declared “I have no particular choices.” This proved to her undoing. Iced tea arrived first. The way she looked at the drink gave away how much she liked it [:)]. So i asked her if she would like to have something else instead but she insisted on being brave and carrying on with it. We had some light discussions amidst the sips. The lady in purple makes some very interesting conversation. Yeah she likes purple. Even prefers purple soap dishes [:P]. Dont know about soap dishes but she looks very pretty in purple. So back to iced tea. So as she was in between her valiant efforts to sip the beverage , the pizza arrived. Unfortunately, as she took her first bite it became apparent that she had tough choice, which one of the two she would prefer. I asked her again and she very politely added she actually liked the pizza but wasn’t feeling like having anything despite having eaten anything since the morning!!!. So while she nibbled at the one slice of pizza, I wasted little time and finished the other five!!! Yeah she ensured that nothing goes waste. Maybe this was her revenge [:)]. Full with pizza and almost forgetting that all these things come for a price we paid the bill and decided to head back. So we booked an auto to my place via her place. Enroute to her home , I got a lesson in being more sensible with spending money. Yeah she is a sensible girl.

Soon she got down for it was already 5 and she had to leave in 90 minutes and still had to pack. It turns out the packing went as well as the meal and she packed some wrong clothes too!!!

I had a wonderful time with her and thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in her company. I just wish it should have gone better for her. But enjoyment or no enjoyment she definitely has an opinion about iced tea and pizza now!!!

To her- Thank you for coming. I had the most wonderful time with you. Hope to share even better moments in the future. And yes- Best Wishes!!!

10 comments to A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS

  • Abhigya  says:

    she did not go hungry even this time…she chose to eat less…and its not dat i dont let her eat..anywayz u dont know her so u wont understand

  • Chatur  says:

    theek hai bhaai….no matter what she does, she is going to go hungry…tu tiffin bi mat chhod….5/6 uska bhi kha ja!!
    she would become purple when u eye her tiffin

  • Abhigya  says:

    she is not purple…she just wears purple [:)]…and dont call me gasconade…dats strictly her prerogative [:P]

  • Abhay  says:

    hmm….bhai is this Purple damsel the one u referred to as “divine” friend of yours in later post??
    if yes then u deserve a kick on ur butt for being paetu..and btw how many girls have you known which forced you to conclude girls are never on time?
    u really are a “gasconade”!!

  • Abhigya  says:

    dude its not dat i didnt let her eat…just dat she didnt feel like eating…and tiffin laayegi to share karegi…she is nice :).

  • Chatur  says:

    wao!….insaaniyat zinda hai…damsel ko ek piece to mil gaya….kaafi ganeeemat hai
    tu to hamara kungfu panda hai bhaai, nervous hone par khana shuru kar deta hai…..
    mere khayaal se agli baar woh apna tiffin le kar aayegi

  • Abhigya  says:

    dude…saara nahi 5/6 [:D]…i had my 5 slices of happiness and she had hers…waise bhi u know i eat more when i m happy n nervous 🙂

  • Chatur  says:

    waah bhaai…amazing…
    saara khaaana akele kha gaya…damsel in distress ko hungry bhi bana diya

  • Abhigya  says:

    abhigya verma does not write fiction :)…btw i am flattered to learn that i have followers in the US.

  • robo  says:

    I wish this story was real…. or is it?

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