Life,however beautiful as it may be, regularly presents us with dead ends and stone walls. Obstacles to our aspirations and our intense desires are not difficult to come by. More often than not they leave us and our loved ones between a rock and a hard place in extremely unexpected ways.Sometimes, it is the indecisiveness or lack of enough strength in some other person dear to us that affects us. Being attached to that person our natural reaction is try and make that person see what we perceive to be as a sensible approach. As we get more and more involved in that person’s troubles and the person does not budge from his/her indecisive approach, we end up feeling the same heat as that person. To be fair, the other person is not having a party either. She/he might be going through the same hell or maybe even worse.

What happens sometimes is people become so despondent and hopeless that they shun all expectations and hope and go numb. They do it in a show of strength to themselves. They tell themselves “see even this does not affect me”. But the fact is that it affects them so strongly that it deprives them of all hope. People just let things happen to themselves.

Such situations generally arise out of just one weak decision. Despite being aware of long term ramifications of a decision, people choose to take the easier and more convenient path. It leads to momentary happiness and contentment but such decisions slowly corrode and eat into our resoluteness. It strips us of our ability to fight back, to take charge. We forget that strength does not lie in braving a tough situation. True strength and courage lie in strong will power and a desire to move in a different more desirable circumstance.

Poor decision making is the core of all woes in life. Sadly it affects a lot many more people than we actually think it would. My dithering and procrastination might make someone else’s life hell and someone else’s similar actions might do the same to me. Experience has taught me its best to circumvent such dead ends. Don’t let someone else’s indecisiveness to affect your own life so much. Give it your best shot. Don’t get so hung up on a person as much the other person is hung up on someone else. Such situations inevitably lead to a deadlock. Everything starts to depend upon what some other people decide. That is now how it should be.

In being hung up on someone for so long we might end up losing and even not noticing other opportunities in our lives. But moving on is probably one of the hardest things to do. It is a battle between the heart and the mind. And it is best that the mind wins. At least there would be some logic behind the decisions. Logic might not get you to the greatest highs but it would ensure that your self respect and tenacity of soul is intact. Hope maybe the best thing for a soul but a false hope might be the gateway to hell.

All decisions and efforts we make should be tempered by some sense of plausability. Reason should not be allowed to wander too far away from our decisions. To have dreams is to have a life but one must recognize the difference between dreams and mirages, between a reasonable effort and a wild goose chase.

In the end it boils down to just one thing-I should be the most important person to myself. I should treat myself well and no one else’s life should hold more meaning to my life than my own. If I keep myself happy and well, it will give people who really care about me less reason to worry. There is a difference between people whom we want to care about us and who really care about us-we must never lose sight of this difference. Value what you have and life shall be good.


  • Abhigya  says:

    hmmm…true indeed… a quick fresh restart minimizes regrets…and yes time heals most wounds effectively except regrets…which haunt us forever.

  • diya  says:

    Time is a great healer….sometime u realize dead ends only when u encounter them. they are ment to give sometime to rethink and restart ur path afresh

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