2009-Good Riddance 2010 – Great Expectations

As the post title suggests I am one of those people who firmly believe that 2009 sucked more than all of the other years I have endured and lived through in my life span of 25 years. Seldom does a year that is so dull comes along. Few years have sucked the life of out my existence as 2009 did.
While life remained stable, it was without much fun. I have never spent so much time watching tv as I have done in 2009. Also I haven’t spent so much time craving to rush back to my parents as I did in 2009. I was simply not able to find enough reasons to step out of my flat during weekends in 2009. 2009 was also the first time in my life when I did not have enough friends around me. 2009 was also the year when I realized that NIT Jamshedpur was clearly and by far the best phase of my life. In fact, it was so boring that I started blogging in 2009!!! Never thought I would be one of those pseudo intellectuals who would post crap on their blogs day in and day out :). However, my posts don’t cause that much heart burn as I don’t have a following.
2009 did have a few high points. I completed 25 years of my glorious existence. Parents received first matrimonial proposals for me (which means some people do think that I have finally grown up!). The Auli trip was a high point too. It gave me an opportunity to reconnect with nature and inspired me to start this blog. And I made a special friend. She will kill me if I write more about her but you may find her description here. Just one more thing to add, she clocked maximum CPU time on my processor in 2009 and I am glad that she did.
And now looking forward to 2010. Need to complete a few materialistic goals this year. I also want to spend a lot more time traveling this year [Don’t ask where :D]. I also look forward to more challenge at work. 2009 was too easy and boring work wise, particularly the latter half. I plan to strengthen all my relationships and take some to the next level [ no more details please!!!]. 2010 holds more potential to influence my life more than most years. Things I plan and execute in 2010 will affect my life for many years to come, perhaps for the rest of my life.
I just hope I make the right moves and get the right support from friends, family and luck. I had all the right intentions and earnestness in 2009 as well but things did not work out as intended. I hope that changes in 2010. With these thoughts here’s wishing all a very happy, prosperous and satisfying 2010.

6 comments to 2009-Good Riddance 2010 – Great Expectations

  • Abhigya  says:

    hmmmm…well small things give me highs…how many people would call sitting by a gushing river a high point in their lives? that's how bad 2k9 was :).

  • robo  says:

    u had more highs than many people have in a lifetime.. let not your sense of humor get dark.. or else more of your friends will think u have gone mad. and don't be afraid to take the girl's name if u talk about her. i think u love her!

  • Abhigya  says:

    thank u!

  • SeeBeeYen  says:

    May 2010 make u write less and enjoy life more with ur loved ones …

  • Abhigya  says:

    dude!!!processor is not stupid :)…and who frm college has gone mad?…lemme know…i ll try all i can do to help :D.

  • Abhay  says:

    matrimonial proposals & a special friend who clocked maximum CPU time on your stupid processor ..yeah you are right – 2009 sucked, one of my dearest college friend has gone mad!
    “I hope that changes in 2010. With these thoughts here's wishing all a very happy, prosperous and satisfying 2010.”

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