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Love and Relationships

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Abhay And His Flashes Of Love

This post is about a very dear friend of mine and his experiments and accidents(or should I call them crash landings :P) with love. Abhay and I go back almost seven years when fate made us co sufferers at National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. As if that wasn’t enough luck ensured that we became room mates and then best of friends.
A little background about Abhay first.This is required to appreciate his reactions and actions towards ‘acquiring’ a girlfriend. Abhay is a super intelligent, girl wary, liquor loving fellow. Ideally should have graduated from IIT but with the kind of luck he has, he had to suffer in the company of lesser mortals like me. However, the phrase girl wary does not mean he doesn’t have a heart or indicate a hormonal deficiency [specifically testosterone]...
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Starting today, I will try and publish some posts with memories of some of the listless V Days that have gone by in my life. The first post in the series is about a dear friend and his valiant V Day efforts. The post is being copied and pasted from another blog that I had created. I guess its about time that the post appeared here too. Its called Simply Ankur and was first published on June 17, 2009.
Hmmmm so this place is already wearing a deserted look. No posts from anyone [:(]. I was expecting one from everyone…most of all from Ankur. The one good thing is Ankur is back in the loop and does take some time off to call me and complain about the contents of this blog. Joking…he was actually very gracious about the whole thing and took it completely like a man...
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The Side Effects Of Being Too Nice

Definitions of nice on the web:
pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance
decent: socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous
Being nice is generally considered to be a virtue. Nice is a very broad and vague word and encompasses everything from being empathetic to helpful to being understanding and comforting and convenient. Right from our childhood we are taught to be “nice” to everyone without ever being told about the precautions that need to be taken. Being nice can forge great relationships, spread megawatt smiles and change the world. However, it can also be an emotional quicksand. 
Being overly nice to people can make them take you for granted. They stop seeing the emotion that goes into being nice...
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A Wedding, A Reunion and Nostalgia

A few weeks back I received a phone call from Shilpa. She seemed unusually excited and then she broke the news. She was going to get married on the 6th of February,2010 and expected me to be there on her special day. The formal invitation arrived a few days later. As the news spread, the “network” sprang to life. Kinshuk and I decided that we would be there. A few days before the wedding, Chatur and Kapil called up and confirmed their presence. Chatur even suggested a reunion. So it was all decided and we were all waiting for the day to arrive.
Since Kinshuk was arriving from Panipat, it was decided that I meet her at CP. I told her to give an hour’s worth of head start. And Kinshuk did that...
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Dreams, it is said, impart life and a sense of purpose to our existence. We also tend to (atleast happens to me :)) forget the more purposeful ones and remember the more crazy ones. Dreams are also the most potent reminders of the boundlessness of human thought which is probably matched only by the infinite vastness of the universe itself. And trust me the following few the paragraphs will be a testimonial to our yearning for dreaming of the seemingly impossible[:)].
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon (the blame for all the laziness falls on the Sunday afternoon 😀 ) and I was getting extremely bored...
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