Daily Archives February 8, 2010

A Wedding, A Reunion and Nostalgia

A few weeks back I received a phone call from Shilpa. She seemed unusually excited and then she broke the news. She was going to get married on the 6th of February,2010 and expected me to be there on her special day. The formal invitation arrived a few days later. As the news spread, the “network” sprang to life. Kinshuk and I decided that we would be there. A few days before the wedding, Chatur and Kapil called up and confirmed their presence. Chatur even suggested a reunion. So it was all decided and we were all waiting for the day to arrive.
Since Kinshuk was arriving from Panipat, it was decided that I meet her at CP. I told her to give an hour’s worth of head start. And Kinshuk did that...
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