Daily Archives February 12, 2010

Abhay And His Flashes Of Love

This post is about a very dear friend of mine and his experiments and accidents(or should I call them crash landings :P) with love. Abhay and I go back almost seven years when fate made us co sufferers at National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. As if that wasn’t enough luck ensured that we became room mates and then best of friends.
A little background about Abhay first.This is required to appreciate his reactions and actions towards ‘acquiring’ a girlfriend. Abhay is a super intelligent, girl wary, liquor loving fellow. Ideally should have graduated from IIT but with the kind of luck he has, he had to suffer in the company of lesser mortals like me. However, the phrase girl wary does not mean he doesn’t have a heart or indicate a hormonal deficiency [specifically testosterone]...
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