Of Bonding…and Feviquick :D

I had just become unemployed (for those out of the loop…I am in between jobs) and what better way to celebrate the newly found freedom than meeting a dear friend. So we decided to meet again on Saturday,even though we had already met on Wednesday. She suggested that we meet at the Shopprix Mall in Sector 61 around noon.
I was there on time and she came soon after. She looked stunning in salwar kameez (should wear it more often). We headed for the food court in the lower ground floor and occupied a table. Then she powered her laptop on and copied the 4 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S that I had got for her. She is a tea fanatic so we ordered tea for her and a cup of coffee for myself. We settled into an interesting conversation after that. Midway into the conversation something started troubling her. She was looking down at her feet again and again. I asked her what the matter was and she told me that the strap of her footwear had just come off and there was no way she could walk out like that. She cursed her luck for the strap had come off while she was sitting! Now thats almost as good as(or bad) getting struck by a bolt from the blue. 
She became so conscious of her situation that her attention was solely focussed on her foot and the damaged footwear. I tried to divert her attention by talking about food but looks like this works only on guys. After a lot of insisting by me , she agreed to have some pastry. Yes we had pastry for lunch! I went to an outlet and got us a black forest pastry each and two glasses of cold coffee with ice cream to go with it. We started happily with the pastries but realized mid way that the pieces were too big. To my horror she had eaten more than me! Even while eating she was contemplating some escape plans from the mall. It took both of us a lot of effort and time to finish our pastries and cold coffee. 
By now she was getting really nervous about her situation. I suggested we could try fixing the strap with feviquick. First she laughed at the idea but upon finding no other viable alternative agreed to it. I went to buy feviquick for her and it really took some finding. Apparently getting useful stuff at malls is tough but we were fortunate to get feviquick at “Ladies Cosmetics Centre”. Don’t know what it was doing there but I was glad to find it. I brought her the glue and she applied it to her footwear and it worked. And it made her smile again…that wonderfully warm and innocent smile that she has. Thank you feviquick for bringing the most beautiful smile back on her face.
She became relaxed and we spoke for a few more minutes and soon it was time for her to leave. This was a small meeting but feviquick ensured that it would always be amongst the more memorable ones. She now carries the glue in her handbag :D.
To her- you lose your smile too easily. Try to smile more often. Makes the world more beautiful. 🙂

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  • Abhigya  says:

    @Ravi – You know you are a champ…isse zyada nahi kahunga…you know the rest [:D]

  • robo  says:

    sahi hai bey aish kar.. mujhe bhi aisa break chaiyye.. break to milega most probably.. uski dusri taraf better job nahi hai mere paas bas…

  • Abhigya  says:

    @ravi- ya they have….temporary unemployment is bliss [:D]…and the card has been posted below her card
    @ritesh- [:D]

  • Ritesh  says:

    Same feeling here also as that of great robo.. great going man … i must say these are really ,though small, but highly memorable moments.

  • robo  says:

    things finally seem to be getting better and brighter for you.. i would be very interested in seeing the card you made…

  • Abhigya  says:

    @kinshuk- how would i know? [:P]
    and if the mall doesn't have a stationery section, am i to bear the blame for that?
    i really need more supportive friends [:D]

  • Kinshuk  says:

    Feviquick can stick not only footwear but also the huge amount of accessories girls usually carry. Didn't u know that, and wasn't there a stationary section in your mall? Seems like u dont even know Noida well enough 😛

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