Amul–What It Means To Me

Before you start thinking that I have gone bonkers by looking at the title of the post, let me furnish some background information. I just saw an Amul advertisement on tv. It somehow managed to connect with me to such an extent that it made me think about Amul means to me.

The advert that triggered this post

At the end of the ad, there is some scrolling text that says something about how crores of Indian use Amul products everyday and more importantly how it has led to financial independence for 30 lakh women across 15000 villages. It ends with “Thanks to a cooperative movement called Amul”. This is the phrase that really got my attention. Amul is not just a company or a brand. Its a movement and that too a home grown one. Instinctively I was tripping down the memory lane. My mother used to give my brother and myself a cheese cube(Amul) everyday after breakfast before we left for school. Whenever she wasn’t well and dad used to pack the lunch for us we would find paranthas along with a generous helping of Cheese spread in our tiffin carriers. Needless to say we loved (and still do) Cheese spread on paranthas. I have never seen any other brand of butter other than Amul at my home. And Amul butter is not complete without the “utterly butterly Amul!” girl. Amul is not just any brand. It is an iconic brand. It has defined and continues to define milk products for generations of Indians.

While searching for the ad posted above I came across a documentary on what Amul is and how it works. It is an awesome watch. It made me feel immensely proud of Amul. I do not own Amul (Amul is a cooperative and 26 lakh people own it!) or work for Amul. I am just a customer. A happy and satisfied (I also want to say doting) customer. I don’t know if any other brand that I consume makes me feel proud. Only Amul does. Watch the documentary below to know why (and let me know if it happens to you as well)

Documentary part 1

Documentary part 2

This documentary made me realise two things:

1)This is something that Gandhiji always talked about in terms of economic models. He wanted to empower the villages and said they should be the engines of our growth. Amul has proven him right and how! This also proves that our rural produce when mated with the right technology can produce a world beating product. And the best part is the smiles it brings on the faces of those women who are a part of the movement (The ad makes me believe that the smiles are genuine Smile).

2)The western way of doing things does not always fit well in the Indian scenario. All Amul products have a distinctly Indian taste. Processing technology that is of western origin has been suitably tweaked to satisfy Indian taste buds. By contrast, western milk products taste bland to the Indian taste buds.

Amul had proven Gandhiji to be right for the second time. He was proven right when we won freedom through non violent means. And now Amul has shown what empowered villagers can achieve and deliver by relying upon traditional knowledge boosted by science. Gandhiji had detractors then and he has some now. Most say he was impractical. Our freedom movement and Amul have shown he knew better.

Amul really is the taste of India. And this isn’t an exaggeration by any stretch of imagination.

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  • RS  says:

    good one Abhigya Verma. I finally watched the documentary and yes it does make me feel proud.

  • Anonymous  says:

    AMUL, when i was six years old, i heard this word first time and since then i always feel close to it as a Gujarati. It has been heard everytime that quality of Amul products is uncomparable but i personaly felt when i visited AMUL dairy, ANAND as a school trip on 1986. This belief became more stroger when i joined Mother Dairy, Gandhinagar in 1996.

    Taste of India is going to be Taste of World.

    Yogesh gajjar.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Amul is one of the Asia's largest brand in the world, which meet the international standards of the same time people like the taste of the india and with the minimum price limit.

    Executive (QAO)
    GCMMF Ltd,

  • Anonymous  says:

    'Amul' it indicates everything just like it is priceless and it gives us fresh milk products same as it gives us strenght and happines thorough its product as well as it has brought a great revolution in our country and in our farmers life.

    In my life's past 4 to 5 years i have gone through many things like how amul helps our farmers and us as well. In short it is unbeatable in every context.

    Suyog Gijare,
    Boisar MMO

  • Anonymous  says:

    What AMUL means to me

    Outstanding leaders who go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish.”

    Rujwal Prasad
    GCMMF Ltd, Ahmedabad

  • Anonymous  says:

    AMUL Is Nothing But Priceless And Good Quality Products……
    We Can Say AMUL Is Completely “Value For Money” For Consumers As Well As For Farmers….
    Which No One Gives…………

    Mubbashir Ahmed
    GCMMF Ltd, Mumbai

  • Anonymous  says:

    Amul means to me:
    Amul means AMULYA– Price less.


    It is purely “TASTE OF INDIA”

    Pratibha Sakpal
    GCMMF Ltd, Mumbai

  • Anonymous  says:

    AMUL means to me….

    The brand which has more spark than Sun because it has helped thousands of farmers, part of revolution in India, arranging bread and butter for hundreds and it is a true image of India in the eyes of the world.

    Abhishek Sharma
    GCMMF LTD, Dehradun

  • Anonymous  says:

    As per me AMUL Means ………

    AMUL saves the life of farmers in Gujarat and now a days in other states too. I belongs to north Gujarat where the area having scarcity of water so the only farming business is not sufficient to live a better life. In that area with the help of co operative structure people lives a better life.

    AMUL is also one of the big factor for controlling the Inflation with the help of controlling the milk prices.

    Utpal Patel
    GCMMF LTD, Mumbai

  • Paritosh Kumar Sarkar  says:

    AMUL is a Snaskrit word meaning LOTUS beauty of which is known worldwide as a flower as well as a BRAND of Quality, Nutrition, Taste and Values owned by the Producers and Nourished by Devoted Professionals and Cherished, Wowed and Destined by the Satisfied Consumers who get all the time Value for his spent on Amul.

    A Dairy Professional told me once in Delhi, “I have been working in the Dairies last 30 years but never purchased a packet of milk of any Dairy. The very day Amul milk reached Delhi my family is blessed with getting fresh and real milk”.

    This is real Amul.

    Paritosh Kumar Sarkar

  • Anonymous  says:

    Amul, Pride of the Nation. Products from the rich to the poor, full of nourishments.

    Jeffrey Dsouza
    GCMMF Goa

  • Anonymous  says:

    Amul product is very hygienic product. It gives us required protein & vitamins for our body.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Wat AMUL- Means to me…..

    Fire in the belly,
    Warmth in the heart,
    Smile on the face,
    Spark in the head…..

    Incarnation of an idea blended with appropriate technology made AMUL a family brand which takes care of generation after generation (i.e. from 1 year old kid to a 80 year old person)…..

    Ujjwal Bhowmik
    GCMMF, Ahmedabad

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