Looking Back At 2013

It’s that time of the year again. Winter chill has set in and the infamous North Indian fog has already started delaying flights and trains. Christmas festivities have just concluded and I am sitting in my office cube trying to pen this post before it becomes pointless to do so. The spirits are high and most of my colleagues are on vacation. Somehow, sitting in a sparsely populated office doesn’t seem so bad. I am experiencing a sense of freedom and privacy, that I have seldom felt at work. For some magical reason, I am not feeling disappointed at coming to work on the last day of the year. I am sure, I will be home in time to ring in 2014 with my folks at home.

2013, like most years and life itself, was a mix of both good and bad for me. A heady mix of events that keeps one engaged to life. There were some mundane moments as well. But well, that is life. However, 2013 was also a year that had quite a few firsts for me. Listed below are some significant events that graced/blemished the year that is about to make way for 2014 in no particular order of importance (It’s hard for me to rank events that evoke strong emotions!)

The Lioness Kept Her Date

I visited Gujarat twice this year and visited Gir on both the occasions. I was unlucky the first time but was rewarded with the sighting of Asiatic lions on my second attempt. In fact, lady luck was unbelievably generous. I saw not one but two of the last 411 remaining wild Asiatic lions. Needless to say, I was completely blown away by the experience of spotting the masters of the jungle in their own home.

Visited Corbett Yet Again

I visited Corbett National Park again in 2013. Yeah, it is my favourite jungle :). Though, the Royal Bengal tiger did not oblige us with an appearance, the sights and sounds of the jungle were enough to replenish my city worn soul with the sap of life. And trust me, I will go back to Corbett as many times I can. There is something about that place that transcends every material aspect of my existence and connects me to nature.

Kept A Date With My Childhood

This October, the school I studied in, celebrated 125 years of existence. It was the perfect opportunity to go back to Naini Tal and refresh all the sweet memories of my childhood there. I met friends, teachers, past neighbours , visited my favourite corners of the town and came back with a special warm feeling in my heart. I will surely be back to Sem for the 150th!

God retired!

The God of cricket retired from test cricket this year and my obsession with the gentleman’s game came to an end. It felt odd when India lost the test to South Africa yesterday and I didn’t feel any disappointment. May be, I have finally grown up! That is a scary thought though.

First Trip To America

2013 will go down in history as the year in which I finally managed to visit a place outside India. Though, it was a business trip, it is not too hard to mix business with pleasure :). Actually, I wouldn’t mind another one in 2014. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year.


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