Her name means heavenly and divine and she isn’t much different from the literal meaning of her name. Meeting her was a fortunate accident, the sort that doesn’t happen everyday and to everyone. She is a gift from the heavens and a very special one at that- an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. It is not everyday that we meet someone with whom we share a spontaneous rapport. In fact, I would call it a divine connection.

She is quiet and soft spoken but her silence makes itself heard. She is simple yet elegant, at ease with herself yet busy with the world and confident yet vulnerable. She has the innocence of a child and the faith of a saint. She has the sparkling purity that only the feminine can possess. Her laughter is soft but resonates deep inside the soul that feels it. Her happiness is infectious. It is almost as if when happy her soul is in harmony with everything that surrounds her. She doesn’t have to try hard to spread her happiness-It comes naturally to her. When sad, she is quiet and composed. She is not afraid to hide her tears and she never blames anyone for her sadness. And she never tells when she is sad. But its the pauses between her words and sentences that give her away at those times.

She is sincere, honest and hardworking. Never harms anyone. Incapable of planning and plotting. Perfect person to place one’s faith in. Lends a patient ear to the most ridiculous of thoughts. Innocent jokes make her smile and and when she smiles her eyes smile as well. When she laughs a little her face turns baby pink. She is unspoilt, untouched by the vagaries of the modern day life. She cares for everyone except herself. She stands up for everyone but not for herself. She has gone through a lot but has the patience and grace of an angel.

She is a wonderful friend. Supportive and sensitive. Honest and loyal. Smiling and caring. She is a miracle. I feel blessed when she shares with me. Her happiness makes my day. Her enthusiasm uplifts my spirits. For me she is a gift- a gift sent from the heavens. A gift to be valued and treasured forever.

15 comments to DIVINE FRIENDSHIP

  • Esha  says:

    OMG abhigya Cant believe this is YOU.. 😀

  • raveesh  says:

    Its not about you and about the girl.The perfect reliance is all because your goodness to understand and interpret her qualities so well.Kudos to your friendship and love for the same!

  • Ritesh  says:

    well , u can actually post this to her as a testimonial

  • Ritesh  says:

    bhai yaar …. godly bandi hai …. lucky dude …
    but credit goes to u also to understand someone soo well and to describe her in such an elegant manner

  • Abhigya  says:

    @Abhay- abey now I think I know who this is…one of my fans 😛

  • Abhay  says:


  • Abhigya  says:

    Anonymous comments!!! feeling like a celebrity 🙂

  • Anonymous  says:

    Oh oh … divine … a friend such as this is hard to get .. never leave her … Make her read this .. She ll be the happiest person around tht u care so much !!

  • Abhigya  says:

    no delusions bhai…she exists and she is not an alien….and i still dont drink…and yeah gimme a call…been some days

  • Abhay  says:

    are above thoughts your delusions??
    i don't believe such a character exists on earth and at the same time i do not want to believe that you are writing this in some intoxicated state of mind..have u started drinking lately or is such a “girl” a reality??
    anyway i'll give you a call ..you don't look too good.

  • Abhigya  says:

    Robo sinha all the content here is exclusively my intellectual property and these thoughts has been inspired in my mind by a girl to whom i feel this post does not do adequate justice. She is beyond words and just one of a kind :). If you need this content for bhabhiji kindly contact me so that I can license it to you in return for royalty [:P]. Btw I still remember the testi you wrote for her when in college [:P]

  • robo  says:

    fiction nahi hai to schizophrenia hai tujhe!! aisi ek hi ladki thi.. wo to mere saath hai ab 😛

  • Chatur  says:

    Oh my god! Abhigya verma? What rational explanation can there be to this? Should we assume that as the Lord would have it, you have finally taken the plunge? Gosh! I thought I would not live to see the day. Is she someone who walks among the mortals or is she still a figment of your utopian imagination? Tell me that she knows about this.

  • Abhigya  says:

    told ya i dont write fiction 🙂

  • robo  says:

    now this is getting really interesting.. who is this girl? btw all those qualities…. i don't believe you!

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