Dreams, it is said, impart life and a sense of purpose to our existence. We also tend to (atleast happens to me :)) forget the more purposeful ones and remember the more crazy ones. Dreams are also the most potent reminders of the boundlessness of human thought which is probably matched only by the infinite vastness of the universe itself. And trust me the following few the paragraphs will be a testimonial to our yearning for dreaming of the seemingly impossible[:)].
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon (the blame for all the laziness falls on the Sunday afternoon πŸ˜€ ) and I was getting extremely bored. I had tried to fix my laptop for about 4 hours (seriously when it comes to being stubborn computers can give girls a run for their money :D) and had not made much headway and was a little frustrated with my super fast top of the line, artificially intelligent and naturally stupid laptop. The surest way to come out of frustrations is to talk to a friend and I decide to call one. She answered the call and unlike myself she had had a decent Sunday so far. She had friends visiting and was involved in the process of hiding Maggi which she had just prepared, from the visitors (I am sure all of us have been in this situation sometime or the other).
Being the nice girl she is, she spoke to me despite having friends over (apologies to her friends :P). Our conversation soon achieved a certain depth(or is it shallowness) that is pretty unusual. She said travel at the speed of light should be possible. Currently it takes her an over night journey by train from her home to reach her current place of stay. She wants to reduce the travel time to well under a second [:D]. I suggested humans [or any matter for that matter] should be converted into electromagnetic energy and transmitted through antenna. She loved the idea (yeah she is just as crazy!!!).
She even listed a few benefits (please don’t contest or debate these. No questions or arguments on these shall be entertained [:D]). For starters, she said a train accident leads so many unfortunate casualties. Even if there wasΒ  a “head on” collision between two EM pulses of the same frequency only 2 people would die!!! Plus we could transmit in sufficiently different frequencies to avoid such tragedies. A few minutes into this very captivating conversation, I realized she had much bigger plans. She could send people she didn’t like much (let’s call them Rahu and Ketu πŸ˜‰ ) into outer space and into a black hole. I guess Shakespeare was right when he said “Nature hath no fury like a woman scorned” [:D]. She then decided to return to give her visitors some company and I too was feeling much better now.Β 
Even though it was 5 in the evening, I felt like turning in for a small nap. And before I knew it I drifted into dreamland. And in dreamland her thoughts began to take material shape. There was a human sized glass capsule into which people would enter to transform themselves into a signal ready for transmission. The signal was encoded in such a manner that background noise would not deform the original signal and there would be no loss of information [Imagine losing your pants during the course of transimission…practical problem you see :D]. Slowly and suddenly all the terms that I had been familiar with during my engineering college days started coming to my mind. Phase shift keying, carrier wave, signal wave, multiplexing, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, directional antenna, line of sight transmission, etc ,etc. Then I delved deeper into the problem and realized that this was an inherently unsafe method of transmission[:P]. Anyone with an antenna and with the ability to tune into the correct frequency would be able to kidnap people. And what if the transformation from energy to matter fails. What happens if the receiving apparatus fails? By the time the system is back up and running, our signal would be shooting past Mars [:D]!!! All these thoughts were disturbing enough to be shake me out of my slumber.
I spoke to ma’am later in the night about the potential pit falls of her brilliant concept but she was still upbeat about it. She asked me if she could explore ocean trenches. I said sure. All she needed to do was to become a gamma ray burst[:D]. A well aimed laser should be good enough for a trip to the moon. Together, we had just revolutionized space travel and bent space time curve by traveling at the speed of light. We didn’t even need worm holes for that [:)]. I have to confess that this is the most sci-fi dream I have ever had. We were right there on the bleeding edge of technology.
On a more serious note, in all probability it is dreams like these that have propelled mankind to the forefront of technology. H.G Wells had once said “All progress in the world depends upon the unreasonable man”. I couldn’t agree more. All through the march of human civilization, the desire to unravel the mysteries of the universe has given rise to dreams which have led to inventions. It is kind of ironic though. It is as if a tiny speck of creation is out to unravel the mysteries of the whole.
P.S: This post is here because she insisted that we must create memories out of some dreams [:)].


  • Abhigya  says:

    @bala-welcome to the crazy club! [:P]…btw we are a lot more sane most of the time so keep a tab on your craziness [:D].

  • SeeBeeYen  says:

    Wild imagination !! But believe me, all of this will be possible in the near future – I am with ur fren on this !! This isnt a dream – just a peek into the future my friend !! When this happens, hope you two are able to share a laugh, and thank me who stood by this dream of yours πŸ˜›

  • Abhigya  says:

    @kins-point wise reply follows:
    1. i know only 2 girls really well…hehehehe and both are a little crazy
    2. even i m happy that i didnt provided u give me credit for enabling the “VERY pivotal role” it played
    3. thank u thank u
    4. thanks again….shall try writing more often
    5. abhay is just jealous
    6. plz tell me where and how to hire a “decent submarine”…btw its my dream so i decide between submarine or gamma ray [:P]
    and commenting is never a complusion [:D]

  • kins  says:

    Point wise commentary is the best mode to prevent comments turning into a post itself πŸ™‚

    1. U were very right when u said it was 'my type' of a write up……..

    2. M really happy that v didnt compete in COFAS sci fi writing competition together………..ur ideas would have given me a run for my money, i might just had missed on my shield which played a VERY pivotal role in the saga of my life :D………… thanks for nt participating then πŸ™‚

    3. U r a good writer………….i like the clarity u present in ur thoughts whether while making weird entries summarizing dreams or while writing heart felt direct dil se posts abt ma'am n her ways πŸ˜›

    4. U should should write more often……….u r really good at it

    5. Perhaps abhay cant relate to imaginative n creative thinking, may be because he is way too rational abt life, but i totally totally loved it.

    6. Last but not the least cant u even hire a decent submarine………….why do u wanna convert her into a gamma ray.

    P.S. Next time, think twice before asking me to comment πŸ˜› U see i cant write in short πŸ˜€

  • Abhigya  says:

    “All progress in this world depends upon the unreasonable man” [:D]…don't stress your neurons too much if you can't grasp the ideas[:P]

  • Abhay  says:

    hahaha…jealous!! ..its just that i am not able to digest this ..”creativity”??

  • Abhigya  says:

    @abhay-dude you won't understand…you are just jealous of our creativity and deep thinking abilities [:P]

  • Abhay  says:

    Why restrict such a wonderful conversation(not!!) to just “memories” ..i suggest you both participate in Physics Olympiad or wherever humans entertain whimsical ideas [:p]

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