Moving On From CSC To Oracle

It was sometime in December when I received a call from the Human Resources Department of Oracle Corporation regarding a position at their organization in Noida. Frankly speaking I was not looking for a change then and was looking forward to an onsite opportunity that was coming my way. But the pull of the Oracle brand was too strong to resist. 
I went for the interview totally unprepared (so much so that I did not carry a copy of my CV and pen for the interview) and did not expect to be selected. The interview lasted about 2 hours with two separate rounds and I was told on the spot that I was selected. Now this was a dilemma I had not expected to be in. However, I had wanted to make a move to a software product company for sometime now. Being at CSC, I had not been able to make a switch for quite sometime as I could not think of a better brand in the Software Services to make a move to. I decided to move to Oracle , even if it meant sacrificing the onsite opportunity that I had so strongly desired and fought so strongly for at CSC.
My last days at CSC were really memorable. I realized that there were a few people at CSC who would miss me. It was very heart warming. I got a really warm farewell and everybody who mattered to me in CSC was there. It’s been two weeks at Oracle now and I am still missing CSC. Interestingly, my manager at CSC had said this to me. He had said that you might do very well at Oracle and get wonderful opportunities but you would still miss the CSC culture. I have to confess that then I had thought he was giving me typical manager fundas but now it seems to be so true. 
I do not in any way mean that the Oracle culture is bad but CSC culture was good. When I think of my days at CSC , I get a warm feeling within. Actually what I have realized is that companies like people have personalities. So while Oracle is a typical top notch  geek, CSC is a rock star. There is no comparison between the two. Oracle is your typical research oriented, academic , innovation hub. It is a place full of the brightest minds and full of ideas. But it is a very quiet place. Everything needs to be perfect at Oracle and the culture ensures that we work on nothing else but the latest and with none other than the best. It is a culture that is always on the move and always working. Looking ahead is what you do at Oracle and you don’t stop. I guess one has to be serious when it is your goal to shape the technology platforms for tomorrow. 
CSC is a more vibrant and glamorous place. It does not have that academic aura that Oracle but it has the complexion of a very successful rock star. People work hard , do well and then celebrate their achievements. And the celebrations last long. People have time to exchange smiles and walk up to each other and talk about stuff other than work and the challenges it poses. The culture does not push you too hard to perform or work, though, one is expected to maintain CSC standards. But there is no all pervasive pressure to do that. There is less nagging and more fun. People take pride in the fact they implement some of the most complex IT systems on the planet but there is little technical chatter on the floor. 
Both the organizations are really successful and proud of what they have accomplished. One makes the platforms and the other extends it to create something more out of it. I have been lucky enough to be associated with both and while I am loving it at Oracle, I cannot stop missing CSC. I guess the first job is special for everyone and for me it was CSC that provided the first break and nothing can change that. Looks like Oracle is the one that is going to make me learn the most…and I am looking forward to it…albeit a little nervously :).

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