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Working professionals seem to be a disenchanted lot when it comes to motivation at their work places. Some sectors like the software industry have very high attrition rates and recession and market saturation do not seem to be able to put a stop to the exodus. In my six years as a professional , I have realized that the following are the most pervasive causes of dissatisfaction with their employers:

  • Lack of growth opportunities
  • Job insecurity
  • Inadequate financial rewards ( read poor or no hikes and bonuses)
  • Mundane work environment

I must admit I have experienced frustration caused by all the factors listed above at one time or another. The situation gets aggravated when switching jobs is not a very convenient option. For example, change in work location or a service agreement with the organization may make switching jobs even harder than what it has already become given the current economic climate. This has lead to undue stress and tension at times. What is worse is that mess at work inevitably affects ones personal life as well. In extreme situations, this may be lead to a situation where medical intervention may be required.

So is there a way out of the mess if you are deep into it? The truth is that with a little creativity, one can wriggle out of such situations or at least make the current assignment look more exciting. As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So what are these magic pills that I am talking about? The fact is there are no magic pills. All that is required is a shift in attitude and some frank discussions with the management. Listed below are some of the options I have exercised and have worked:


Discussion with the management is an option that is exercised very rarely in India. People are generally shy of having a hard discussion with their managers fearing the managers may take an unkind view on them. But when your back is against the wall, is there any other option? He is the one person, who can, hopefully, work to resolve most of your work related concerns.


When life becomes mundane and work becomes routine , restlessness starts to creep in. All of us need to replenish our souls with creative juices from time to time. Learning something new adds a new sense of purpose to your life and gives you new goals when the workplace fails to do so. It could range from learning stuff that is relevant to your work or pursuing a hobby that you have been struggling to take time out for. Coursera offers an exhaustive range of courses that may fire your imagination.

Take A Break

Taking a break from work is one of the most under rated options that could lead to temporary nirvana from work related tension. Take time off to travel and connect more frequently with friends. Or maybe just lazing a few days away may do the trick for you.

 Family and Friends

When things are not going very well at work, family and close friends have a high chance of being at the receiving end of your frustrations. No matter what happens at work, treat them well and share with them. This always works like magic!

If none of this works for you, it’s time for a change buddy! Happy Switching!

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